Among the many exotic luxury cars launched at the 87th International Motor Show in Geneva, there were several exciting new generation hot hatches being showcased to adorning car fans. From the small but exciting Ford Fiesta ST to the big and aggressive Honda Civic Type R, every manufacturer brought out the very best of what the world loves about hot hatches.

Audi RS 3


The Audi RS 3 has been and will continue to be one of the most desirable, if more expensive, hot hatches on the road today and the latest iteration is no different. It comes equipped with an eye-watering 394bhp engine, which is 33bhp more than the previous model and is billed as the most powerful production 5-cylinder engine on the market. The new model looks sharper and more refined than the already elegant body that the current model possesses, with chunkier front and rear bumpers adding to the RS 3’s aggressive stance.

Toyota Yaris GRMN


Toyota has collaborated with its Gazoo Racing team to bring us a production version of their very impressive 375bhp World Rally Car. The on the road version doesn’t come with the same spec engine as the WRC one, but it does come with an engaging 210+bhp. This is a lot of power when you consider how small the current Yaris models are and no other hatchback this small can compete with that level of performance. It will be the first Toyota to bare the Gazoo Racing badge and it is hoped that Toyota will announce more in the future (fingers crossed for the GT86).

Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept


Renault is bringing back everything that we loved about their Sport range in the late nineties and early 2000s, with the Zoe e-Sport Concept. This concept car is one of the most expressive vehicles showcased at Geneva and with a chunky and aero-dynamic body, it brings a surprisingly aggressive look to the petite Zoe and is no less than you’d expect from the Sport range. If that wasn’t enough, the e-Sport Concept boasts an unbelievable 460bhp from two high capacity electric motors.

Honda Civic Type R


The Civic Type R has always been the king of hot hatches and Honda is looking to continue its domination of the market with the 2017 edition. The last iteration was heavily criticised for its over the top styling but the new version on display in Geneva looks much more composed and might be the most mean-looking Type R to date. This is owed to its impressive spoiler, as well as the triple exhaust pipes that are sat in the middle of the rear bumper. The 2.0L turbocharged VTEC engine is the heart of the beast, packing an impressive 316bhp.

Ford Fiesta ST


Lastly, Ford showcased the latest ST version of the most popular car on British roads today – the 2018 Fiesta ST. Very little has changed since the last model, with small updates to the car’s body styling and interior, shifting the car slightly more upmarket. The biggest update comes under the bonnet, where a turbocharged three-cylinder engine sits – possessing 197bhp (17bhp more than the previous model). The engine is smaller and more efficient than last year’s model, so the extra punch it packs is even more impressive.